Infrared patching is a proven method of repairing damaged asphalt surfaces. Asphalt Seal & Repair’s professionals are knowledgeable of the important factors in the infrared process.

  • The amount of asphalt will have an effect on heating time
  • The age of the surface
  • Wind and temperature
  • Moisture

These all play into successfully repairing the damaged surface. Correctly executing the infrared patching process will give asphalt’s surface long-lasting results and save you money! We are proud to say that we were the first company in Wisconsin to utilize this environmentally friendly process. As the first company to use this innovative technology, our experienced crew will get the job done right the first time.



The infrared process is simply radiation that transfers heat into the damaged asphalt and aids in the repair process. Our repair unit recycles the asphalt in place and reclaims the old asphalt on the damaged surface. When the surface heats up to 300 degrees, it can be reworked to allow new or virgin asphalt. The prepping process is extremely important. Once the damaged asphalt is removed, the new and re-claimed asphalt is added and the edges of the patch are carefully squared off and the entire surface is evenly spread. This will allow a successful bond between the new and old surface. Finally, the patch is leveled and rolled with a 1 ton roller to create a smooth surface.



We do not use direct flames; we only use indirect infrared units. At least three cubic feet of new asphalt will be spread uniformly on each 5 by 7-foot patch. A 1-ton vibrator roller is required to roll the leveled patch.


It recycles your old asphalt.

Faster: One 5 by 7-foot patch can be completed in 15-20 minutes depending on air temperature.

Less disruption to your business: Only the infrared-mounted truck and roller are on site.

Higher quality: There are no new cold joints between the old pavement and the new patch.


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