Our Story

We are very proud to say that Steve McLeod is celebrating 50 years in the asphalt /asphalt maintenance business. He’s not showing any signs of slowing down either!

Asphalt Seal & Repair has been providing clients with the highest-quality asphalt maintenance, using only the top of the line products on the market. Our services include infrared patching, saw cut patching, crack sealing, seal coating, and line striping. We purchase all of the products we use directly from the manufacturer. There is no manipulation or change done to the products we apply.

We also service residential asphalt driveways in all of Brown County. To clarify, we choose to stay in Brown County to keep the cost of home driveway maintenance affordable to the home owner and provide the best products available!

Steve Mcleod: Co-Owner

Steve has provided over 50 years of hard work, commitment and dedication the community. “As the owner of Asphalt Seal and Repair, I have literally built the business from the ground up. As a full-service asphalt-maintenance business, my team and I offer full-service asphalt patching, various types of asphalt surface coating, cutting-edge infrared asphalt repairs, crack sealing and striping, and other asphalt repair necessities. Asphalt is the doorway to your property. It’s second nature as a business owner or homeowner to have your yard kept neat and clean throughout the year, but don’t forget about the asphalt. It’s an investment, just as anything else is, and we work hard for you to ensure your investment is protected year-round. The excellent service our clients receive is exactly what I would expect for my property. Asphalt Seal & Repair is family oriented with a loyal, hardworking and energetic team. Above all our focus is doing our best work for our clients, while serving as a vital part of the business community in Green Bay. We’re very fortunate to do business in and around the Green Bay area.”

Sheryl McLeod: Co-Owner

“I have been a part of the Asphalt Seal & Repair team for more than 36 years. We are committed to excellent customer service and giving back to the community. We are a locally owned and operated family business. We want to do the same kind of work we would expect ourselves. When my husband and I started the business in 1998, we wanted to focus more on the local work. I manage the daily office operations at Asphalt Seal & Repair. The company’s commitment to service with integrity expands to their philanthropic efforts in northeastern Wisconsin and our support for other local businesses. We’re huge proponents of supporting other locally-owned small businesses, as well as giving back to those in need. We work often with religious organizations and consider ourselves community minded.”

Jim Stepaniak: Project Coordinator/Vice President

“I have been with Asphalt Seal & Repair for 12 years, handling project coordination, expediting, sales and numerous other responsibilities. I have been in the expediting and job coordination field for over 25 years. My priority is, at all times, providing our clients with the highest quality materials and ensuring that each project is done in a timely manner. I am a main contact point for customers if there is ever an issue that needs resolving. I also handle employee relations.”