Asphalt sealers, when applied correctly are meant to preserve the oils present in asphalt and prevent oxidation. Oxidation in turn is what causes the drying, cracking and potholing of asphalt. It also helps to keep oil and gas from penetrating the asphalt. Sealcoat keeps the pavement looking black, fresh and clean. In the winter sealcoated asphalt will naturally melt snow and ice much faster than very gray oxidized asphalt.

Properly applied asphalt seal coat should last residential customers 4-5 years. Commercial properties it should last 2-4 years. This is also dependent on the weather. The more severe the weather (more plowing, sanding, salting) the more wear will show earlier. Don’t let other contractors tell you that sealing should be done twice a year, it shouldn’t! We receive phone calls yearly that the competition is out sealcoating in the spring charging the customer then again in the fall sealing and charging them again, this is wrong.

We highly recommend 24 hours for the best curing time, but our sealer will dry in 12 hours and can be driven on at that time. On days of high humidity or if you have shaded areas present that are being sealed, we highly recommend the full 24 hours.

This is very important….do not let anyone seal coat your asphalt if the frost is still in the ground and the night time temperatures are still in the 40’s! Don’t ever sealcoat if there is any snow or ice on the ground! The best time to seal is May through September.

When searching for a reputable contractor, it’s essential to research seal coating companies thoroughly. Check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau and review customer feedback to ensure they are trustworthy before making your decision.

Infrared seamless patching is an economical asphalt repair, for those not ready or able to completely replace a parking lot. Infrared repairs are fast taking half the amount of time vs. a saw cut or milling repair. Infrared is clean, no dirt, dust or debris flying throughout the area of repair. Infrared is also eco-friendly, we recycle the existing asphalt on site, no debris or dirt left on site and nothing to haul to a land fill.

Brown County, Oneida, Little Suamico and Freedom area.